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About us

The history of the Tout Le Monde focacceria in Pulsano tells of a family tradition made up of sacrifice and passion.
Everything started from the family bakery in Pulsano, a small town located in the Salento area of the province of Taranto: an artisan workshop where the ancient recipes of the tradition and the famous genuineness of Apulian specialties have been combined to give shape and substance to our products.
Tout Le monde Pulsano

Technique and professionalism


Like every handmade work, even the production of sweet and salty specialties can not be improvised. Thanks to the support of some staff, our small family staff has acquired during time techniques and useful knowledge that immediately have given results.
Cake design

Continuous updating


To offer more service to our customers, we introduced the cake design. The regular attendance of refresher courses organized by our suppliers, as well as the attendance in a first level course for bakers in Rimini, are a further demonstration of our training commitment.



The ours is a family business, a production structure based on the harmonious differentiation of roles. In fact, each of us is entrusted with a commodity category. During the summer months, we take advantage of the collaboration of some outside workers.
Thanks to the daily work and the positive feedback from our customers, we have been able to expand the assortment of marketed products over the years, diversifying our operating locations.
In June 1999, we opened our shop in viale dei Micenei 107, along the coast, where you can find the best of our pastry shop in addition to the unmistakable typical focaccia.
In 2006, however, we inaugurated the so-called winter shop in via E. De Amicis, 1 angolo via Dante Alighieri, 1.