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Fresh pasta Pulsano

Fresh pasta


pasta fresca Taranto

Capunti, capuntini


Stuffed pasta

pasta ripiena

Salty stuffed Crêpes

Crepes salate farcite
In addition to the production of typical regional fresh pasta in Pulsano, we also offer some specialties from other Italian and foreign culinary traditions: orecchiette, capunti, capuntini, strascinate, stuffed pasta, stuffed agnolotti with ricotta and spinach, meat and ham, ricotta and mushrooms and salty stuffed crêpes.
In particular, the orecchiette are the product not only of our workmanship but of all the gastronomic tradition of our region.
With fragrant and intense flavor, they are the result of the perfect blending of the ingredients with which they are prepared: air, lukewarm and salty water and, of course, semolina flour.
After having been worked hard to ensure its softness and consistency, the dough is cut into so many small strips that in turn will be divided into so many small pieces.
After this, we will proceed to the typical rubbing on a pastry board of each piece and drying in the open air. Exceptional flavors, guaranteed by the unique quality of the raw materials used and the artwork done by our artisans.

We only use durum wheat selected from the best grains produced by our lands.
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Finally, our staff performs sweets linked to the major feasts and patron saints.